My father owned a 1967, 35 mm Minolta film camera. I know... I describe it like it's a car. I remember being amazed at how great the pictures would come out with that old camera.

When digital cameras came along, I turned into a "paparazzo". When my son came into my life, I became a crazy paparazzo. And as my son grew, my interest in photography grew as well. I became more detail oriented when it came to taking "the shot".

"A picture paints a thousand words" - a cliche that is so true.

So, I've gone from just being an amateur photographer to being a student in the art of photography. Photography is my passion, and I've discovered something that I really love to do.

My name is Marie Reed, and I'm a photographer. Come take a look around and share in my passion. I hope that you enjoy the way I see the world through my eyes.

God bless.